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 How an internet speed test works
The internet connection speed test on uses flash (the software which runs the test) which means that you have no required software to download to your computer.  This helps ensure the safety and security of your computer.  Be wary of connection speed tests that require you to download software as they may also contain other software bundled in with the package that you may not necessarily want on your computer.

When you click the start speed test button, a test packet of inert data (just random numbers and letters) will be downloaded to your computer.  The test measures the time that it takes to download the sample packet.  The packet is then uploaded to the server and the time it takes to upload the data is computed.  Your results will be shown above the speed test gauges. 

For more accurate results for your internet speed test, please read the section to the right about getting more accurate results.
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 Get more accurate speed test results
Many factors will influence your internet connection speed test results.  While it would be impossible to list every one, here is a list of things that you can do to help ensure that you get the most accurate results from the connection speed test:
  • Close all other browser windows.
    (you do not want your computer using additional resources passing information to and from the internet as this will take alter the results of the test)
  • Close any other programs you have running.
    (If you have other programs running such as games, word editing software, music and video players, etc.. they may be using resources to connect to the internet)
  • Average your results.
    (Your connection speed will be different at different times of the day and different days of the week.  to get more accurate results, run a few tests consecutively and average the results.  Also, consider running the same test at different times of the day. You may find that your connection speed is faster later at night when people are generally sleeping versus late in the afternoon when kids are getting out of school and people are getting out of work and jumping on the computer)
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